My Hindi Poem- "Hum Anjaan Raahi"

Jeevan ki raah mein bhatak rahe hain hum,
Manzil kab aayegi yeh jaanta hai kaun?

Chalte raho bas yahi hai iss safar ka paigaam,
Raahon mein kitne kaante hain yeh jaanta hai kaun?

Chodte chale ja rahen hain apne pairon ke nishaan,
Jeetenge kab hum yeh jaanta hai kaun?

Naare lagaate chale ja rahen hain hum apne haq ke liye,
Insaaf kitno ko milega yeh jaanta hai kaun?

Himmat se aagey badh bas yahi hai hamara uddeshya,
Kal kya hoga aakhir yeh jaanta hai kaun?
-Monu Awalla

A Thought Directly From My Heart- "A Decent Proposal"

Look into my eyes...
My eyes want to see u without a blink.
Look into my heart...
My heart beats only for you.
Look into my brain...
My brain always thinks about you.
Look into my breath...
My breath contains your name in it.
Look into my words...
My words always compliment you.
Look into my attitude...
My attitude fights for your self-respect.
Look into my smile...
My smile emits happiness in your presence.
Look into my face...
My face has unlimited expressions just for you.
Look into my soul...
My soul is as pure as your nature.
Look into my dream...
My dream wants your wishes to come alive.
Look into my tears...
My tears drop while you suffer pain.
Look into my life...
My life is incomplete without you!
-Monu Awalla

My English Love Poem- "Lovely Love"

Love brings happiness,
Love brings joy,
Spread love all over and enjoy.

Love knows no barrier and religion,
It is the symbol of peace loving pigeon,
Truly understand the language of love,
Love is everywhere with no specific region.

Love is true when feeling is fair,
It multiplies if we try to share,
Smell the fragrance hidden in love,
After all they say- 'love is in the air.'

Love is a medicine which has power to heal,
It is a wealth that nobody can steal,
Create a place in your heart for love,
Just try it once it's not a big deal.

Never compare love with luring money,
It is priceless and as sweet as honey,
Kick your ego and fix your love,
And take your life to happy journey.

Love is divine like a soul,
There is no treaty nor any goal,
Lifelong stability comes due to love,
Love prevents us from a deep fall.

Love generates a ray of hope,
It gives us natural power to cope,
Troublesome situations melts under love,
As drowning man catches the savior's rope.
-Monu Awalla

Patriotic Poem of India- "Flowers of India"

We are the flowers of India,
Blooming all the way,
Across Geographies,
Like Flying Geese.

We spread our fragrance,
Of peace and harmony,
While helping people,
Out of pain and agony.

Our talent is,
No more a hidden story,
Witnessed the world,
With Well-structured glory.

Our heritage and culture,
Is precious and old,
Shining across the globe,
Like a bright sheen of gold.

Yes! We are the flowers of India,
Blooming all the way,
Across Geographies,
Like Flying Geese.

- Monu Awalla

My English Poem- "Stage Fear"

How to bear stage fear my dear,
It's like a punishment very severe.

Spectator's eyes all set on you,
You are the one that they going to chew.

Instead of lifting your face,
You put it down.......
It's nothing but a simple nervous breakdown.

Being first time on stage is very tragic,
You need a miracle with some added magic,
Just be yourself don't be strategic,
You will survive unless you panic.

Don't be shy,
They won't fry,
How would you overcome stage fear?
Until you try.

So be brave and face the thunder,
Whatever the result- A good or a blunder!
-Monu Awalla

My romantic Hindi poem- "Tumhari yaadon mein"

Kab tum bas gaye mere ehsaason mein,
Hokar juda karke mujhe tanha yun,
Muskura rahe ho tum ...
Kisi anjaan zindagi mein.

Nadiyon mein kabhi behta tha jo pani,
Ab meri aankhon me chalka karta hai,
Isi bahaane yaad kar liya karte hain tumhe,
Bichdi yaadon ke pal jo yaad aate hain humey.

Hum to ek jhalak dekh liya karte hain tumhari,
Guldastey me lagey kisi ek phool mein,
Chanchal hawaa me behkar khushboo tumhari,
Mehka deti hai mere iss baijaan dil ko,
Jis dil me na thi kabhi koi jaan,
Ab dhadakta hai to sirf tumhari hi shaan mey.

Zindagi hai meri ek pat-jhad ka mausam,
Thi kabhi jisme bahaar hi bahaar,
Woh mausam firse kyun nahin barasta,
Gumsum ho kho gaya hai kahaan?
Saare jahaan ko dhoond liya hai maine,
Nahin dhoonda to sirf ek tumhara hi jahaan!

Sapna mera ek sapna hi reh gaya,
Laut jaati hain yeh lehren kinaaron se jaise,
Tumhari yaadon se kinaara kar...
Mein bhi laut gaya.

-Monu Awalla

My Humourous English Poem- "During Exams"

During exams we set so many alarm clocks,
But when it rings...
Our ears literally blocks!

Somehow we manage to get-up early in the morning,
And read our books...
With so many intervals of yawning!

Parents always force us due to scarcity of time,
But we feel...
As if it is a compulsory crime!

During 3 hours of our exam,
Our memory gets jam,
And we try to cheat by asking-
'May I go to toilet ma'm!'

What a relief when first exam gets over,
But again our mind gets weird,
Since other exams left moreover!

One by one exams approaches to its end,
Soon we realize that what has happened!
-Monu Awalla
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