"A gesture of love"- (A true story of my friend)

Wandering one day,
A beautiful girl,
Around the place of lakes,
Out of all Rush,
She came from London,
Towards this placid region,
Where everything seemed,
No less than heaven.

For quiet a time,
She felt the touch,
Of an ambiance- calm and tranquil,
She behold the beauty,
Sometimes while wandering about,
Sometimes while standing still.

With her serene-filled eyes
She explored a cottage,
Surrounded by the green,
And while staring at it,
She saw an old lady,
Catching her sight,
Then and there,
The lady invited her,
Inside her lovely dwelling place.

Picking up the vibes,
Of a delightful greeting,
She stepped inside,
The cottage which looked pretty,
Where the lady welcomed her,
Like She is her own granny.

To pamper the girl,
In all the possible way,
She displayed the gesture,
Stuffed with love,
Which made the girl feel drenched,
In and out- under the love-shower,
Which Provided her an exquisite warmth.

The gesture of an old lady,
Left the girl contemplating,
Because the word "Thanks",
Proved to be a minnow,
In front of love,
The lady showcased.

When asked to her inner voice,
The girl came with an idea-
"Lets cherish the moment,
And make it more colorful"
Said the girl quietly to herself.

Without wasting a second,
She grabbed a paper,
And started sketching,
The whole surrounding,
Including the cottage,
Powered with an aura of love.

To add a  brightful season,
She painted using water colors,
At last to garnish the sketch,
On paper then it looked,
A beautiful love-patch.
-Monu Awalla

(Note: The painting which I pasted above this poem is painted by the same friend of mine whom I mentioned in this poem and the cottage in the painting is the same which I discussed here)
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