Happy Birthday to our Sweet and lovely friend "Geeta"

  A sweet enchanting you are..    
Pleases  To Every Soul,
Gushing foam flakes you are..
Enthralling Presence,
Fluttering frisky clouds you are..
An Architect Of Smiles,
Cluster of gleaming stars you are..
Charismatic Spark,
Bright raise of Sun you are..
Enlightening the dark..
Peace of heart you are..
Overwhelm The Sadness,
You are a refreshing fragrance ,
Fragmenting Surround,
Seven colors of a Rainbow you are.. 
Coloring the fade of one's life,
Pearl of rain you are.. 
For whom everyone opens the windows of heart to let enter the joy,
As you came in our lives,
Integrated us with smile  eliminating the grief behind,
You once again lighten up the spark of our smile that once faded away,
Being with you we got to know the real fun,
The innovations of unalloyed life and to not lack behind,
The glory  of your friendship helped us to fight against the hardship  of life,
You are the melody enchanting in every heart.. 
And may this melody in everyone's memory in everyone's murmur,
It's our wish so keep enchanting melodious Geet (Song) forever our dear Geeta..:)
गीता! नाम में ही है एक सरगम 

गीता! प्रेम और दोस्ती का संगम 
गीता है भोलापन 
        गीता है अपनापन 
                      गीता है प्यार 
गीता है नटखट 
           गीता है चंचल 
                          गीता है ज्ञान 
गीता है सुर 
               गीता है ताल 
    गीता है संगीत 
                       एक मधुर तान 
गीता है अनुपम 
  गीता है मधुरं
  गीता तो है केवल 
निश्छल प्रेम 
गीता है सुन्दरता 
गीता है मित्रता 
गीता जैसी कोई नही 
वोह तो है बस गीता
- Mohini

------------(Geeta dancing)------------
A dancing girl,
With so much of elegance,
Delighting others,
With a bright sheen of hers...

A definition of,
A wonderful friend,
Who understands you,
From inside out...

Its her birthday,
A special day,
Lets bless and wish,
With cheers to say...

Wish you happy birthday,
Dear friend Geeta,
We won't let you go,
Without any treataa.. lol ;)

A Friend So Special

I wish I was there,
In the world around you,
To see you smile,
To see the blink of your eyes,
For I know its so beautiful,
Like colorful butterflies.

Those who don't know,
The wonders of friendship,
Didn't meet you,
At all my dear,
For those who met,
Unconditionally know,
The hold of love,
The word carries.

A spark you are,
That enlightens,
Me from within,
An intimate friend,
Hard to find,
In the world of duals,
With current trend.

You are a realization,
Gentle and pure,
Like a midas touch,
In the life of others,
A drop of love,
Seeping through the soul,
So as to turn,
A man into a human.

Your friendship means,
A life in itself,
A ride of emotions,
I always loved,
But nothing I can say,
In these lines few,
An oceanic feeling,
Which I carried through.

- Monu Awalla
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