My English Poem- "Evergreen art"

An ultimate stage comes at last,
When body of an artist deceives,
But not his art,
For which is eternal,
Evergreen art-
It is what I call,
Climbing and climbing on endless wall...

A child's voice,
Carries sweetness as such,
Art is hidden,
Somewhere under,
It is a feeling-
That lingers
 It refines itself
Over a period of time,
Understands this- wine-drinkers...

Art is about-
Aesthetic conscience,
Within no boundary,
It can be confined,
As we feel the flowing breeze,
We can feel art as same,
One who knows the trick of life,
An artist is his name...

Creation is an art,
An art is a creation,
It is a part,
Of life's variations,
It is an encounter,
With a spiritual session,
When practiced wholeheartedly,
It resembles god's imitation...

Art is present,
In every creature,
It comes naturally,
With no special preacher,
It is just,
A matter of an inspiration,
Just to make you all aware,
I penned this parole-collection...
- Monu Awalla
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