Bepanaah pyar hai tumse

पागलपन की हद तक प्यार करके देखो मुझे,
शमा जलने की देर है बस,
आँखों की पलकें भी ना झपक पायेगी,
कोई घडी कहीं थम जाएगी बस।

मेरी साँसों को परख के देखो ज़रा,
खुदको होंश खोने दो ज़रा,
एक जनम में कुछ नहीं रखा,
जन्मो-जनम तक प्यार करके देखो ज़रा।

मरके  ही तो जीना सीखा है उसने,
जिसने प्यार की कोई सीमा नहीं देखि,
मैं तो तुम्हारी रूह से ही प्यार कर बैठा,
अब तो सिर्फ मरने का इंतज़ार है।

प्यार करो तो ऐसा करना,
की तुम- तुम न रहो,
मैं- मैं न रहूं,
पागलपन का दूसरा नाम है यह ,
इस जहां को जितने का एहसास है यह।

अपनी आर्ज़ुओं को यूँ न दबाओ,
बस एक- सिर्फ एक,
अपना कदम बढ़ा कर तो देखो,
मेरे प्यार का इम्तेहान ले कर तो देखो।

Get Well Soon My Love

The times when,
Oh my love,
You don't feel well,
I get worries,
Bubbling up,
One by one.

These bubbles grow,
These bubbles ascend,
Until your smile,
Plays like a needle,
Popping out,
The bubbles of worries,
To take a chill-out,
I love you- I shout.

When you breathe in,
Fresh air out there,
Calls off-
The strike of pain,
Sheds off-
The load of pain,
Tranquilizing mind and soul,
And positive hopes,
All I gain.

When your heart,
Beats in rhythm,
It synchronizes,
With the beats of mine,
Pumping throughout,
The love-blood rush,
Providing senses,
A sweet-sweet lush.

I feel calm,
I feel poised,
I fall in love,
For I know,
In my nest,
You rest my dove.

Get well soon,
Oh my love,
And I'll get well,
Too my love.

Directions of love

Directionless were you,
Directionless was me,
After love-rendezvous,
The two paths changed,
Themselves to one.


It stings,
It bites,
It rules-
Our daily lives.

It grips,
It clutches,
And death becomes,
An everyday Process.

Be it Alcohol,
Be it sex,
Be it tobacco,
Be it drugs,
Addiction is,
A dreadful curse.

Love birds

Two love birds flying,
One got hit,
Another one died!

Longing in Love

Waiting for that moment,
Eyes wide open,
With longing seemed,
Reaching its end,
To unfold,
The enigma of love.

Four letters

Getting Blind,
In the four letter word,
You stand on the ground,
And you don't know,
You are still falling.

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