My English Poem- "Marry me- A love proposal"

Always I miss you,
Waiting for time being right,
To love you all the day,
To love you all the night...

I'm ready holding a pen,
To write a love-chapter of ours,
Where each word will be a love-library,
Where each word act sweet-smelling flowers...

When my dream stood near,
While standing by your side,
I need you to feel my nerves,
I need you to feel some pride...

To combine both are souls,
Let me come closer to you,
Let our love remain eternal,
Let our love see a lovely sunrise-view...

Holding hands forever,
Walking throughout my life,
To make you feel me too,
To make you- my lovely wife...

Grandparents when we will become;
I'll stand on top of the hill,
To fall for you all over again,
To fall for you under the chill...
-Monu Awalla

My English Poem On Emotions Of A Student studying in a boarding School- "A Child's Note"

Though my mouth is tiny winy,
But my words will not be same,
O lord! Give me some power,
Feeling here as if I am person lame...

In the name of my future,
You chucked my childhood far away,
Though my shell has become tough,
My inner self is still wet-clay...

I've been treated like a robot,
Given no freedom to enjoy my way,
Yes I laugh too often here,
Just to suppress my tears all day...

It's been to me a prettified jail,
A fast track highway touching deep dale,
All I can send from here to you,
My tears, my feelings by posting a mail...

From the purest string of all relations,
You never produced melodious music,
Instead you produced fake self-esteem,
Only to fulfill your own-sown dream...

All I wait for the month of may,
Summer holidays- all they say,
The actual time when my dreams come true,
After prolonged patience and pray...

With you I want to spend a day,
With your parenting- I want to play,
Let me explore the land near you,
Let me discover my internal gay...

No punishment is so severe,
But to stay away from home,
No more torture I could bear,
I need you- Dad & Mom...

One day your seed will become a fruit,
After all you gave it a fertilizer-like treat,
But have you ever wondered- my dear parents,
This fruit would then be bitter or sweet?
- Monu Awalla

My English Poem On Monsoon- "Romantic Rain"

The rain is falling,
And the clock is striking noon,
The ambiance is cool and dark,
As if time to come out for moon...

Me as a loner here,
Writing a poem for you,
With feelings of being apart,
Geographically- but not from you...

The sound of falling water,
Producing music that soothes and calms,
In my heart's ears,
It rang as romantic alarms...

Just a thought of you,
Gives me a high,
To overcome my nightmares,
To give me a relief-sigh...

Coming closer to you day by day,
Where each day makes my life,
Let's make a wondrous world,
With no room left to strife...

The day will come,
when you will be mine-
Sooner or later,
It's already been divined...

-Monu Awalla

My Hindi Poem On Global Warming- "Prakriti Hi Jeevan"

Nirmal jheel jo thi kabhi yahaan,
Uska paani sookh gaya hai kahaan,
Puche tujhse yeh saara jahaan,
Kar sake toh kar apne shabdon mein bayaan.

Kyun tu kaate sheetal chaaya,
Kahaan hai woh paidon ka saaya,
Neeche jiskey maine bachpann tha bitaaya,
Qatl-e-aam kar uska tune kya paaya?

Dhuaan chaaron aur tune hai failaaya,
Shuddh hawaa ka starr hai ghataaya,
Baadh, toofaan, bhukamp ko badhaaya,
Dushmann prakriti ko tune hi banaaya.

Taapmaan nahin badhaa hai iss dharti ka,
Badhaa hai toh uska rosh halka sa,
Apne matlab ke liye jo tune hai cheena,
Soot sameyt bhugtaan hai uska abb bharnaa.

Abb bhi waqt hai jaag aye insaan,
Kar sampoorna manav jaati ka kalyaan,
Kahin hamara mitt na jaaye nishaan,
Lauta dey prakriti ko uska khoya huaa sammaan.
-Monu Awalla
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