"Few words to backstabbers"

They said a lot,
Without saying at all,
They hurt a lot,
Without hurting at all,
Why they enjoyed,
Being a sadist,
Why they enjoyed,
My each and every fall...

To whom I thought,
The most intimate,
Tried me to knockout,
Tried me to checkmate,
Someone go,
And tell them kindly,
I felt elated,
On their winning date...

I expected a lot,
Out of back-stabbers,
I expected a lot,
Out of grave-diggers,
Is it because-
I laid my faith blindly?
Or is it because-
I played the games fairly?

I faced a thunderbolt,
Which left me in pain,
Which put me in vain,
With only tears- as my gain...

I opened my eyes,
To realize the fact,
I'm not the same,
Why should I react.

Yes, the best answer-
I have in store,
Is to live happily,
More than ever before!!!
-Monu Awalla

"With love- You & me"

The two of us,
In the field of roses,
Under sweet smell,
We remain closest,
I plucked A rose,
Straight away,
And placed it gently,
Within your shines,
Now the rose looked beautiful...

Near waterfall,
We sat and chat,
Little drops of mist,
Rested on us,
With blowing breeze,
I offered you my warm,
The rest is then,
Became a dream,
And we vacationed,
In each other's arms...
-Monu Awalla
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