My English Poem On A Blind Person's Emotions - "Dark Nights"

"Let me introduce you my world of nights,

Long, lasting and forever without glowing lights,
Say's my thought with no room to delight,
Each and everyday, my will power fights.

I dont even know how to blink,
Nor can I fathom blue or pink,
A glass of darkness all I can drink,
I feel my life has got a slight shrink.

The sketchy-art I usually draw,
Within my heart letting smile to grow,
Although my emotion swings to and fro,
My life is nothing but the colour of crow.

Who doesn't need silver, blue eyes,
Say's my heart when it cries,
All my stories beneath it lies,
Sometimes my hopes drastically dies.

I comprehend while groping all things,
Feel happy to catch things that jinks,
From here I fetch motivational instincts,
As if my dream started skating in a rink.

I want to witness nature's beauty,
With my own eyes- I heard it's pretty,
Why he dropped in my life a shade of dusk,
In society I feel myself as rejected husk.

My stic works like my eyes would have,
Its hard to live in this dark cave,
Still I respect what my lord gave,
My true joy comes and goes like an oceanic wave."
- Monu Awalla

My English Poem On Reading A Novel- "coffee & Novel @ Night"

While reading a classic novel,
And sipping a cup of hot coffee,
Into the world, there I go,
With pleasure having no boundary,
Me and my elation enjoys quietly and lonely.

In the late night when all got asleep,
To get the meaning into novel I peep,
Trying to know the message so deep,
Sometimes it compels my eyes to weep,
And then I go to a sweet, sound sleep.

With coffee's aroma and flavour,
Gets blend my dreams to endeavour,
The combination I could seldom find ever,
Asks to my euphoria, to ooze, as a favour,
And my adrenaline rushes, as rushed never.

I get drown into each novel I read,
Knowledge in it irrigates my sown dream-seed,
I swim in the pool of words like a fish,
Becoming a good thinker- I always wish,
To serve my desires on a dream-dish.

I feel like a bird with all the liberty,
Flying high as if sky is my property,
Out of the world's face of duality,
Out of the world's face of cruelty,
My flight lands into the world of purity.
- Monu Awalla

My English Poem on controversial social issue- "Nude-Art"

An unsmiling issue of our society,
Is nude-art an art or an atrocity,
Here I tried to display its purity,
To make all aware it's aesthetic faculty.

We ingress in this milieu,
With nothing at hand,
To cover-up the clay,
What god has lend.

A nude colleen when someone draws,
Nature's beauty at-full-tilt flows,
Then why an ire of society grows?
Contemplating at it, I find my senses in a chaos.

Neither the fault of an artist,
Nor any society is at fault,
A true artist finds beauty in nudism.
And societies find it as a vulgarous bolt.

Rapists and lechers stabbed this art,
By playing porn, it has been torn apart;
In turn an artist receives a slam,
Though felons enjoys all the fame.

Mentioned in the holy-books if you have seen,
Sketching a nude-art is not a sin,
Unless you see it as a lusty scene,
It is a beauty with a bright sheen.
- Monu Awalla
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