A sacred foreplay

You & me all alone,
Resting inside,
A candle-lit room,
Filled with,
The Aroma of love,
Filled with,
The warmth of love,
Ascending intimacy,
And creating space,
For a new relation,
To make us feel,
Each others passion.

Gently I moved,
A little forward,
To plant on your neck,
A passionate kiss.
A lightning stroke,
All through your spine,
Letting you plunge,
In a world to fantasize,
And deeply we looked,
In each others eyes.

Your eyes got filled,
With pleasing love-tears.
As you blinked,
A drop of gratification,
Came out rolling,

From your eye,
Making a trail,
On your cheek,
Sliding slowly,

Through your neck,
And eventually rests,
On your breast.

Holding your face,
With both my hands,
I swiped the trail,
Off your cheek.
Your eyes got shut,
Then & there,
Signalling me-
I'm all yours,
With all the fair.

I cuddled your lips,
Juicy & pink,
And came into play,
A subtle French kiss,
With eternal Bliss.

After sharing,
The love-juices,
Your tongue,
Tickled my ear,
And Softly you whispered-
"Make love to me,
For hours & hours,
Throughout the nights,
With desperate desires,
And countless love-bites".

In a state of hypnotism,
I picked you up,
With both my hands,
To rest you on,

 A cozy bed,
Your eyes remained
Still closed,
And breath of yours,
Heavily rose.

I gave you chills,
on the bare skin,
To explore the areas,
You wanted me to,
The waves of goosebumps,
I could witness,
When I moved my palms,
All over your back.

I pampered you,
Like a kid,
Till your eyes,

 Went dry,
As a mother does,
While she sings,

A sweet lullaby.
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