My English Poem- "Marry me- A love proposal"

Always I miss you,
Waiting for time being right,
To love you all the day,
To love you all the night...

I'm ready holding a pen,
To write a love-chapter of ours,
Where each word will be a love-library,
Where each word act sweet-smelling flowers...

When my dream stood near,
While standing by your side,
I need you to feel my nerves,
I need you to feel some pride...

To combine both are souls,
Let me come closer to you,
Let our love remain eternal,
Let our love see a lovely sunrise-view...

Holding hands forever,
Walking throughout my life,
To make you feel me too,
To make you- my lovely wife...

Grandparents when we will become;
I'll stand on top of the hill,
To fall for you all over again,
To fall for you under the chill...
-Monu Awalla
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