Love poem- Love so divine

I never entangled,
The internal entwine,
I never cared,
What people decline,
My heart knew,
our vivid love,
Is so divine.

A sacred foreplay

You & me all alone,
Resting inside,
A candle-lit room,
Filled with,
The Aroma of love,
Filled with,
The warmth of love,
Ascending intimacy,
And creating space,
For a new relation,
To make us feel,
Each others passion.

Gently I moved,
A little forward,
To plant on your neck,
A passionate kiss.
A lightning stroke,
All through your spine,
Letting you plunge,
In a world to fantasize,
And deeply we looked,
In each others eyes.

Your eyes got filled,
With pleasing love-tears.
As you blinked,
A drop of gratification,
Came out rolling,

From your eye,
Making a trail,
On your cheek,
Sliding slowly,

Through your neck,
And eventually rests,
On your breast.

Holding your face,
With both my hands,
I swiped the trail,
Off your cheek.
Your eyes got shut,
Then & there,
Signalling me-
I'm all yours,
With all the fair.

I cuddled your lips,
Juicy & pink,
And came into play,
A subtle French kiss,
With eternal Bliss.

After sharing,
The love-juices,
Your tongue,
Tickled my ear,
And Softly you whispered-
"Make love to me,
For hours & hours,
Throughout the nights,
With desperate desires,
And countless love-bites".

In a state of hypnotism,
I picked you up,
With both my hands,
To rest you on,

 A cozy bed,
Your eyes remained
Still closed,
And breath of yours,
Heavily rose.

I gave you chills,
on the bare skin,
To explore the areas,
You wanted me to,
The waves of goosebumps,
I could witness,
When I moved my palms,
All over your back.

I pampered you,
Like a kid,
Till your eyes,

 Went dry,
As a mother does,
While she sings,

A sweet lullaby.

Bepanaah pyar hai tumse

पागलपन की हद तक प्यार करके देखो मुझे,
शमा जलने की देर है बस,
आँखों की पलकें भी ना झपक पायेगी,
कोई घडी कहीं थम जाएगी बस।

मेरी साँसों को परख के देखो ज़रा,
खुदको होंश खोने दो ज़रा,
एक जनम में कुछ नहीं रखा,
जन्मो-जनम तक प्यार करके देखो ज़रा।

मरके  ही तो जीना सीखा है उसने,
जिसने प्यार की कोई सीमा नहीं देखि,
मैं तो तुम्हारी रूह से ही प्यार कर बैठा,
अब तो सिर्फ मरने का इंतज़ार है।

प्यार करो तो ऐसा करना,
की तुम- तुम न रहो,
मैं- मैं न रहूं,
पागलपन का दूसरा नाम है यह ,
इस जहां को जितने का एहसास है यह।

अपनी आर्ज़ुओं को यूँ न दबाओ,
बस एक- सिर्फ एक,
अपना कदम बढ़ा कर तो देखो,
मेरे प्यार का इम्तेहान ले कर तो देखो।

Get Well Soon My Love

The times when,
Oh my love,
You don't feel well,
I get worries,
Bubbling up,
One by one.

These bubbles grow,
These bubbles ascend,
Until your smile,
Plays like a needle,
Popping out,
The bubbles of worries,
To take a chill-out,
I love you- I shout.

When you breathe in,
Fresh air out there,
Calls off-
The strike of pain,
Sheds off-
The load of pain,
Tranquilizing mind and soul,
And positive hopes,
All I gain.

When your heart,
Beats in rhythm,
It synchronizes,
With the beats of mine,
Pumping throughout,
The love-blood rush,
Providing senses,
A sweet-sweet lush.

I feel calm,
I feel poised,
I fall in love,
For I know,
In my nest,
You rest my dove.

Get well soon,
Oh my love,
And I'll get well,
Too my love.

Directions of love

Directionless were you,
Directionless was me,
After love-rendezvous,
The two paths changed,
Themselves to one.


It stings,
It bites,
It rules-
Our daily lives.

It grips,
It clutches,
And death becomes,
An everyday Process.

Be it Alcohol,
Be it sex,
Be it tobacco,
Be it drugs,
Addiction is,
A dreadful curse.

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