Get Well Soon My Love

The times when,
Oh my love,
You don't feel well,
I get worries,
Bubbling up,
One by one.

These bubbles grow,
These bubbles ascend,
Until your smile,
Plays like a needle,
Popping out,
The bubbles of worries,
To take a chill-out,
I love you- I shout.

When you breathe in,
Fresh air out there,
Calls off-
The strike of pain,
Sheds off-
The load of pain,
Tranquilizing mind and soul,
And positive hopes,
All I gain.

When your heart,
Beats in rhythm,
It synchronizes,
With the beats of mine,
Pumping throughout,
The love-blood rush,
Providing senses,
A sweet-sweet lush.

I feel calm,
I feel poised,
I fall in love,
For I know,
In my nest,
You rest my dove.

Get well soon,
Oh my love,
And I'll get well,
Too my love.

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