My favourite blogs

As per the rules and guidelines given by my blog friend 'Geeta Singh' I'm putting below the list of the blogs that amazed me..

Names listed below are in alphabetical order :)

Alpana Jaiswal
Chitra Manohar

Gagan Masoun

Geeta Singh


Jerly Biju

Jim Brandano

Mohini Puranik

Nishi Mishra Jha

Portia B.

Rimly Bezbaruah

Sancheeta Biswas

Simran Kaur 

Sneha Shrivastava

:):):):)My best wishes with you all...Keep Blogging :):):):)

Now 7 things about me------------

  • My Favorite quote- "A man without imagination is like a bird without wings"
  • My weakness- I'm bit lazy at times..
  • Worst Feeling According to me- feeling of jealousy.. since it is d only root of all d evils..
  • My expectation about Love- Just love unconditionally...
  • Favorite thing to wear according to me is.. 'Smile'
  • Life to me is...'a chance given by god for self-realization'
  • About you all.. I'm very lucky to have you all as my blog friends.. hope our friendship will continue forever... :)

My Nursery Rhymes for kids

Nursery Rhyme 1- "My sweet mommy"
 My sweet mommy,
Took me to the park,
With my swing,
In the air I glide,
And zoomed my way,
Down- on a slide.

My sweet mommy,
Took me to the fair,
From merry-go-round,
To ferris wheel,
I enjoyed,
Everything there.

Nursery Rhyme 2- "A little mouse"
 I saw a little mouse,
Running in my house,
Here and there,
Here and there,
It goes to play,

It jumps and jumps,
It jumps and jumps,
From one place,
To the other,
And always scare,
My sweet-sweet mother.
- Monu Awalla
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