My Hindi Poem On Global Warming- "Prakriti Hi Jeevan"

Nirmal jheel jo thi kabhi yahaan,
Uska paani sookh gaya hai kahaan,
Puche tujhse yeh saara jahaan,
Kar sake toh kar apne shabdon mein bayaan.

Kyun tu kaate sheetal chaaya,
Kahaan hai woh paidon ka saaya,
Neeche jiskey maine bachpann tha bitaaya,
Qatl-e-aam kar uska tune kya paaya?

Dhuaan chaaron aur tune hai failaaya,
Shuddh hawaa ka starr hai ghataaya,
Baadh, toofaan, bhukamp ko badhaaya,
Dushmann prakriti ko tune hi banaaya.

Taapmaan nahin badhaa hai iss dharti ka,
Badhaa hai toh uska rosh halka sa,
Apne matlab ke liye jo tune hai cheena,
Soot sameyt bhugtaan hai uska abb bharnaa.

Abb bhi waqt hai jaag aye insaan,
Kar sampoorna manav jaati ka kalyaan,
Kahin hamara mitt na jaaye nishaan,
Lauta dey prakriti ko uska khoya huaa sammaan.
-Monu Awalla


nancy said...

mast moni ekdum casual n easy wrds bahut sahi hai

Monu Awalla said...

thnx nanu cho chweeeet!!

Jerly said... gud that you think of Prakriti and mean what you say! Did you hear a good news, the ozone hole is mending due to the phasing out of the depleting compounds since '87 and that it may get to pre '80 levels by 2040. Efforts are paying off and that's a relief! keep up the social change inspiring poetry. I like such stuff. One of the things I had liked in your profile was your wish to do something for the environment. Hope you will think out some ingenious solutions being an engineer(like I had hoped in my earlier post on Environment science remenber?)

Jerly said...

The concerns on global warming are aptly said in your poem. There is another good news regarding efforts to counter it with biofuels. It is in todays paper, the possibility of producing diesel(low carbon) from plant wastes through genetically engineered E coli(1 step easy process). This if comes through in the two years as specified, then it does look to me like something that is feasible and might be more visible to us than just in print

Monu Awalla said...

Thnx n I also got delighted after seeing that u r updating urself with every positive news on this topic.

chitra said...

Global warming is a serious issue these days and nice to see a youngsters feeling on the same. Good work.

chitra said...

I want to follow your blog. But there is no provision there on the side bar.

Rocket said...

nice thot..!!! gr8 work n keep goin..!

chitra said...

Just visited to tell you, an award is awaiting for you. Visit my blog:) all the best.

kunal said...

superb vocabulary in the poem. nice thought too. difficult to make out wheither thought supports the poem or the poem strengthens the thought. keep it up & best wishes frm me.

Monu Awalla said...

@Kunal- Thnx kunal for one of d best compliment..:)

Geeta Singh said...

wow! Superb!! Ultimate!! share it on FB ..jagaoo logo rahe hai sab :D :)

Mohinee said...

And I am fan of your beautiful words, your words are always perfect at the perfect place, which makes it so pleasant to read.

And this poem is very effective and true too!

Keep it up dear! :)

Dsouza_glenda said...

thank you for prakriti hi jeevan my son won third prize for hind recetation , mulund mumbai glenda dsouza

manisha bhatia said...

Brilliant one monu n congrates a tonne:)

monuawalla said...

I'm glad I helped your child in any ways... Thank you for stopping by... Keep visiting.. :)

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