Patriotic Poem of India- "Flowers of India"

We are the flowers of India,
Blooming all the way,
Across Geographies,
Like Flying Geese.

We spread our fragrance,
Of peace and harmony,
While helping people,
Out of pain and agony.

Our talent is,
No more a hidden story,
Witnessed the world,
With Well-structured glory.

Our heritage and culture,
Is precious and old,
Shining across the globe,
Like a bright sheen of gold.

Yes! We are the flowers of India,
Blooming all the way,
Across Geographies,
Like Flying Geese.

- Monu Awalla


Flowers said...

you seems to possess great poet with great patriotic feelings. Enjoyed your poem "Flowers of India" It is appreciated. expecting some more blog like this.

SD said...

Hi Monu,
Your poem has a great message and I love it. I'm a music teacher and I wish to pick a few lines from ur poem for my children to sing on Independence day. Can I use ur poem?

monuawalla said...

Yes you can! I love children a lot. It would be an honor for me if your students sing few lines taken from my poem. All the best to you and your students. Happy Independence Day in advance.

SD said...

Thanks a lot! I took a few lines from your poem and added little of my own imagination to make it a simple song. Would like to share my version which I tuned for them to sing....

We are the flowers of India, Blooming Beautifully..
We spread the honey and fragrance of Peace and Harmony...
We grow into fruits as we grow up, with the richness of our culture
We also carry within ourselves the seeds of India's future
So yes oh yes... We are the flowers... (we are the flowers repeat)

Today I taught it in my class and the best thing is the children loved it lot and sang with their own action.

Thanks a lot again! and Happy Independence day to you too...

monuawalla said...

Loved it! I hope you will upload your's and your students' pic. Please do upload if possible & yes you are always welcome on my blog. Have a nice time ahead. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it

Vinaya said...

I don't know I feel that it should be 'shining like gold' and not 'like a gold'...however the poem is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,
Your poem is really very nice..I loved....I am using it for my English poem elocution

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