My Humourous English Poem- "Life In A City"

Living in a city is not so easy,
Time travels faster and life is busy.

No time to spare with kith and kin,
We usually put our feelings in a dustbin.

There are ample malls and outlets,
Which strikes heavily on purse and wallets.

Shopping is easy with the help of credit cards,
When bill arrives...
We find ourselves in hospital wards.

Before buying home with sky-rocketing price,
We have to think at least twice or thrice.

We work hard to give our full commitment,
Otherwise you can live temporary not permanent.

Bank balance shows the living standard of people,
But keeping life easy going is not so simple.

You will accompany traffic jam with lot of rush,
And when it comes to pollution and crime scale,
It is better to keep hush-hush.
-Monu Awalla

My Humourous English Poem- "My College Days"

We bunk our classes,
To get movie passes.

We want our date for a lunch,
Which results in our financial crunch.

We wish to get rid of file completion,
During the time of culprit submission.

We wonder to get a nice placement,
But step down watching their criteria management.

We go for a strike at least once in a semester,
And hate to follow the rule of brothers and sisters.

We avoid wishing good morning at all,
Still don't feel any shame and walking very tall.

We do mistakes,
But no faculty have the power to trace,
How could they,
When they don't recognize us by our face.

Watching us in VIVA,
Our HOD gets amazed,
Tell us politely-
' This is the first time you have faced.'

In this way we enjoyed life in our college days,
Just make sure buddies,
It's not less than any period of golden days.
-Monu Awalla

My Humourous English Poem- "Please don't mention"

If you are in a private firm,
You will not get any pension,
Obviously this would add to your tension,
But if you have any tension,
Please don't mention.

If you are going out for a holiday,
You need your leave to be sanctioned,
After facing your boss' rejection,
You will again fetch another tension,
But if you have any tension,
Please don't mention.

If you are expecting your promotion,
Why not go out for a dream destination,
Rather finding yourself getting a demotion,
Will increase your graph of tension,
But if you have any tension,
Please don't mention.

If you are attending someone's success party,
Then go ahead & give him a nice congratulation,
Never feel jealous to steam-up your own tension,
But if you have any tension,
Please don't mention.
-Monu Awalla

Romantic Poem- "Love at first sight"

A lovely damsel I saw at bay,
She flared like the golden day,
Enough to take my breath away,
As almighty fulfilled all my pray.

In search of a true vista,
My desiring heart wanted to plunge,
Deeply inside her ocean-blue eyes,
Made to attract and mesmerize.

Her smile turned the ambience so pure,
As seashells add the beauty of the shore,
Truly reviving my soul to allure,
It seemed all my worries got a cure.

Her shiny black hair were so long,
Blowing wind started a humming song,
Wavy hair made sight so serene,
Just as sea waves turned into feminine.

On her I saw- small drops of water,
Capturing the sunbeam like a sparkling cracker,
My comfy heart wanted to cuddle,
While pumping hastily as she dawdle.

I asked my inner voice- who she is?
Daughter of heaven or angel of peace,
Dazzling mighty beauty that can freeze,
Ensnared me like enigma she is!!
- Monu Awalla

My hindi poem- Taaron ke beech

दूर कहीं निकल पड़ा हूँ में,
तारों के बीच.

हर तारा कहता है मुझसे,
चमक चमक कर यह-

तू भी एक सितारा है,
ज़रा पहचान खुद को,
जगमगा दे अपनी रौशनी से,
सारे जहां को.

तू बरसात की एक बूँद है,
जो उतर गयी है ज़मीन पर,
अपनी नमी से इस जहां का निर्माण कर.

तू कलि है एक पौधे की,
जिसे खिलना है कभी न कभी,
अपने अदभुत रंगों की छवि फैला,
इस जहां को और रोशन बना.

तू एक नन्ही सी कश्ती है,
और यह जहां है एक विशाल सागर,
लहरों और तूफानों का सामना कर,
कश्ती साहिल पर तुझे ही लाना है.

दूर कहीं निकल पड़ा हूँ में,
तारों के बीच.
- Monu Awalla
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