My Humourous English Poem- "My College Days"

We bunk our classes,
To get movie passes.

We want our date for a lunch,
Which results in our financial crunch.

We wish to get rid of file completion,
During the time of culprit submission.

We wonder to get a nice placement,
But step down watching their criteria management.

We go for a strike at least once in a semester,
And hate to follow the rule of brothers and sisters.

We avoid wishing good morning at all,
Still don't feel any shame and walking very tall.

We do mistakes,
But no faculty have the power to trace,
How could they,
When they don't recognize us by our face.

Watching us in VIVA,
Our HOD gets amazed,
Tell us politely-
' This is the first time you have faced.'

In this way we enjoyed life in our college days,
Just make sure buddies,
It's not less than any period of golden days.
-Monu Awalla


Nidhi kaul said...

lovely moni....

Aysha said...

Nice one Monu...thanks 4 visiting my blog and the lovely comments

nancy said...

hmmm nyce moni

nancy said...

n the best its funny

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