Romantic Poem- "Love at first sight"

A lovely damsel I saw at bay,
She flared like the golden day,
Enough to take my breath away,
As almighty fulfilled all my pray.

In search of a true vista,
My desiring heart wanted to plunge,
Deeply inside her ocean-blue eyes,
Made to attract and mesmerize.

Her smile turned the ambience so pure,
As seashells add the beauty of the shore,
Truly reviving my soul to allure,
It seemed all my worries got a cure.

Her shiny black hair were so long,
Blowing wind started a humming song,
Wavy hair made sight so serene,
Just as sea waves turned into feminine.

On her I saw- small drops of water,
Capturing the sunbeam like a sparkling cracker,
My comfy heart wanted to cuddle,
While pumping hastily as she dawdle.

I asked my inner voice- who she is?
Daughter of heaven or angel of peace,
Dazzling mighty beauty that can freeze,
Ensnared me like enigma she is!!
- Monu Awalla


Nidhi kaul said...

have heard it already frm u i suppose.. best of all.. seems u r mre of a romantic poet.. :)

nancy said...

hmmm maine bhi yeh suna hai i think ya wen were wit u n piu

bonhgumafu said...

I find your work smooth and straight forward! A pleasing read!

Geeta Singh said...

too romantic to digest :)) btw a very nice poem!!

Punjabi Shayari said...

very heart touching lines ... awesome poem...

Monu Awalla said...

@Bon- thank u.. I feel pleased wen sumone feels pleased after goin through my work.. :)
@ Geeta- haha.. thnx.. ;)
@ Gagan- thnx buddy.. :)

Mohinee said...

Monu Hi! What a mesmarizing poem, each and every word is so beautiful...and so sweeet....! You are an amazing poet, I am lucky to have you as my sweet friend! :) :) I think your every poem deserves award. By the way, writing poem itself a big award and reading a beautiful poem like this is also a big award!

Monu Awalla said...

@ Mohini- so sweet.. m also lucky to have u as my sweet friend.. :)

fantacy in practicality said...

romanticism is just sailing smooth in each and every line of yours, it seems you are a hard core believer of love at 'first sight'. let your dreams flourish more so that we get such fruits of romantic poem.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I am happy that I stopped here..its a beautiful poem..very sincere and heartfelt.

JIM said...

Daughter of heaven or angel of peace.....A wonderful line... Your first poem I have read and it was terrific
I started following you

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