Love cocoon

Shattering off-
A love cocoon,
A butterfly I'm,
Feeling now,
Free to hop,
From flower to flower,
To intercept and inhale,
The Love pheromones…

Into the flights,
All alone,
Where predators stay,
Eyeing on you,
To put an end,
The free rein…

They didn't know,
How I broke,
My love cocoon,
Only to become,
Resilient against,
The wind of foes,
And the flying daggers,
Just to overcome,
The enmity scorched…

When I loved you

In the world of billions,
Only one you are,
You are the story only,
I heard so far…

You are the music,
That touches my ears,
As if I'm listening,
Since ages and years…

I saved for you,
The air I inhaled,
To blow with feeling,
In the flute of love...

The source of power,
yes you are-
That keeps,
My heartbeat ticking,
To make me stand,
On my feet…

I can still reach you,
While completely blind folded,
Without meeting you-
In person,
I spent with you,
The whole vacation…
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